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Preserving History - Serving the Community

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Preserving History – Serving the Community

“A building does not have to be an important work of architecture to become a first-rate landmark. Landmarks are not created by architects. They are fashioned by those who encounter them after they are built. The essential feature of a landmark is not its design, but the place it holds in a city’s memory. Compared to the place it occupies in social history, a landmark’s artistic qualities are incidental.” (Herbert Muschamp)

Our mission is to preserve this building for the generations to come. We not only want to preserve the building we want to preserve the memory of it in our community. We want future generations to look at this building and see the community strength that helped build this community. This building does not belong to us it belongs to our forefathers and our descendants.

Our mission is also to serve our community. In serving our community we are showing others that we are a caring community. We support our schools and other organizations so that we can build character in our youth showing them how important it is to be part of a community.

“In a complex, mobile society like ours, life’s tapestry gets shredded. The continuity of our lives is ripped by transience and fragmentation. Community is fragile, torn, scattered. Our need to examine and to share our stories is vital, for our own mental health, for our relationships and our cohesiveness in community, and for the good of a future that can learn from our past.” (George Bush during the State of the Union Address in 1990)



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