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The history of Palmerdale is a story that needs to be told. The following is a paragraph from our book. "The Story of Palmerdale"

"The story I want to tell you is about the people of a community that was started seventy five years ago and is still going strong. This is a story of a community that was started in hard times and grew stronger as it faced opportunities. We all know what an opportunity is; it is a time of struggle that makes us grow into better people. This is a community that cares for each other, a community that accepts all new comers as if they have lived there all of their lives.  Yes, this story has a beginning but I don’t think this story will ever have an ending if we can pass this legacy down to the next generation."

("The Story of Palmerdale" by Barry & Faye Wilson)


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"Who in Birmingham has been to Palmerdale or even knows what or where it is? Those who don't know or haven't been there, ought surely to set out up the road toward Mt. Pinson at the first opportunity and find out or see!

Palmerdale is one of the federal Resettlement Administration's homestead projects. It is only a few miles beyond Mt. Pinson on the highway to Oneonta.

The site for this project is superb. It lies in a beautiful valley, surrounded by high hills and mountains which, at this time of the year particularly, are perfectly magnificent. Their massive, multi-green displays alone are worth the trip.

The homesteads, nearing 100, lie in the valley and, in some cases, on the lower slopes of the hills. The soil seems rich. The houses, while naturally more or less similar, are attractive.

To some the sight and the whole idea may be somewhat suggestive of regimentation and standardization. But doubtless to the many families already living in Palmerdale, it is a great escape into what is at least a great freedom compared to the regimentation that adversity had enforced upon them." (The Age-Herald, May 6, 1936)

Children of Palmerdale 1937


House that New Deal Replaced

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